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4 Reasons As To Why Boiler Replacement Is Essential 


Did you actually know that a boiler makes up nearly 60% of energy costs that you incur annually? As such, it is imperative to have an efficient boiler so as to save you from the high costs of energy. 

And one way of doing this is simply replacing your old boiler with a brand new one. Save from saving energy cost, there are as well other benefits that are linked with boiler replacement. Below are a couple of them. 



1. For better and quieter boiler operation


The fact that a new boiler will come with an improved design and also guarantee you better use of materials means that it can be significantly quieter compared to your older boiler. This therefore makes a huge difference especially if your new boiler is sited near the wall of your bedroom. New boilers also operate better as opposed to older models, consequently explaining why you should invest in a new one particularly if the older model’s performance is deteriorating. 


2. Improved heat control 


New boilers come with additional features and they also use advanced technology (such as condensing technology) contrary to older boiler models. That is why a new model will give you control over heat, hence allowing you to regulate the amount of heat emitted by the boiler.


3. It saves you money in the long-run 


Apart from improving on energy efficiency, this is arguably the most important reason as to why you need to replace your boiler. In as much as purchasing a brand new boiler is expensive as opposed to repairing an older one, buying a new one is much economical in the long-run. Factor the many years you can use your new model, plus the money you will save on energy costs, and you will definitely get to a conclusion that replacing your boiler is a worthy investment. A new boiler is cheaper to maintain since you will just have it serviced by an expert may be once in a year. But for the old boiler, you will be required to contact the expert regularly, hence parting with a significant amount of money over time. 


4. For safety reasons 


Having an old boiler that is dogged by mechanical problems can not only be a nuisance, but it can as well pose a safety threat. Your old boiler is at risk of exploding due to failure of different parts such as the safety valve or due to corrosion of critical parts. You can imagine the damage it can cause in such a scenario, besides putting lives at risk. Therefore, boiler replacement should be done for safety reasons.

Having known the importance of boiler replacement , it is now time to replace your old boiler.